About Show Pony Colour

What is Show Pony Colour?

Show Pony is a new colourant designed to enhance and condition your horse’s coat. Show Pony improves the colour and shine of your horse, allowing you to blend uneven coat colourings and create one all over colour, or to simply improve the horse’s shine. It is a permanent application that lasts up to eight weeks!

What is the advantage of Show Pony Colour?

The advantage of Show Pony Colour and the reason everyone is talking about it is because it is odourless, a low irritant, long lasting and helps you achieve optimum show conditions or prepare your animal for sale or breeding. It works beautifully both on long and clipped coats and is very easy to apply!

Because Show Pony has been specially formulated to suit animals, we have found that horses actually enjoy the application and removal process – who doesn't’t love a good massage!

What colours are available?

The colours available in the Show Pony range are black, brown, chestnut, liver chestnut, copper chestnut, bay and clear. The clear is a great addition to our range. It leaves the coat in beautiful condition with a glossy sheen! Suitable for any horse colour.

Further Questions

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