Show Pony is a new colourant designed to enhance and condition your horse’s coat. Show Pony improves the colour and shine of your horse, allowing you to blend uneven coat colourings and create one all over colour, or to simply improve the horse’s shine. It is a permanent application that lasts up to eight weeks!

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Please note: Show Pony Colour will keep if not mixed with water! Remember it is better to have too much than too little when colouring your horse, please order accordingly.

Mane and Tail  AUD$33.00

1 x
unit of Show Pony Colour


Miniature Pony  AUD$66.00

2 x
unit of Show Pony Colour


Pony  AUD$99.00

3 x
unit of Show Pony Colour
Show Pony Kit

Large Horse  AUD$132.00

4 x
unit of Show Pony Colour


Hack Kit  AUD$165.00

5 x
unit of Show Pony Colour